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Sep 19, 2019 12:49:19 AM

Using an AI Trust Index to Unblock Stalled Machine Learning & AI Projects

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are here to stay and are rapidly being adopted in...

Jul 11, 2018 4:55:15 PM

Straight Talk on AI & Big Data: What is Real and What is Marketing Hype?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly moving from a mesmeric technology to a powerful teammate...

Feb 1, 2018 9:10:46 AM

Five Practical Reasons for Industry-Specific AI Software in 2018

Much has been written about Artificial Intelligence (AI) this year – as a source of both huge...
Feb 8, 2017 6:07:25 PM

Five missing elements in the AI Revolution

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly expanding and affecting every aspect of our daily life....

Jan 9, 2017 9:10:17 AM

The coming backlash against Artificial Intelligence and how to handle it

Use AI’s potential to Augment, not Abolish Jobs

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly moving from...

Jul 14, 2016 10:16:39 AM

Manoj Saxena talks Artificial Intelligence with Gigaom


Feb 9, 2016 10:02:55 AM

Five Reasons JARVIS Is Not a Job Killer

One of the main themes at last month’s World Economic Forum in Davos was the “Fourth Industrial...

Mar 20, 2015 11:11:23 AM

Where are the Opportunities for Cognitive Computing Startups?

Manoj Saxena, Chairman Cognitive Scale MD, The Entrepreneurs' Fund