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Cognite 2018 Reflections: How You and AI Will Change the World

By CognitiveScale Oct 31, 2018 11:15:00 AM

AI is rapidly moving from a mesmeric technology to a powerful teammate and a foundation for consumer and business decision making. At CognitiveScale, we started our journey five years back with a vision to transform customer experience and process intelligence through AI in a practical, scalable, and responsible manner. Today, as we reflect on our recently concluded annual premier AI event, Cognite 2018, we are happy to note that this vision resonates with our partners, customers, and friends in the AI ecosystem.

Cognite 2018

Shay Sabhikhi, CognitiveScale, delivers the welcome note

Cognite 2018 was our biggest ever AI event yet, and it offered all a great opportunity to introspect on how AI has evolved over the years. The event attracted more than 300 senior customer executives, AI pioneers, practitioners, and industry luminaries from around the world, to share insights and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing enterprises seeking to accelerate AI adoption. Several key themes emerged during these discussions, and the one that resonated the most was the need for building ethical and transparent AI systems that are free from bias and are able to reflect the core values and policies of the business.

Cognite 2018 Rajeev Ronanki, Anthem delivers keynote on AI in healthcare; Cameron Davies, NBC Universal talks about key traits of successful innovations

As AI is becoming more accepted in the enterprise, several speakers noted that the conversation is starting to shift from whether AI will work to how do we ensure fairness, interpretability, explainability, and robustness of the models and underlying data ecosystems that power these AI systems. To quote Rajeev Ronanki from Anthem, “Ethics in AI can’t be an afterthought. They need to be at the front and center of your AI journey.” Matt Sanchez, Founder and CTO, CognitiveScale, in his keynote, called for a global focus on Responsible AI and talked about the key pillars of a Responsible AI framework.

Cognite 2018Matt Sanchez, CognitiveScale talks about Responsible AI; Panel on 'Leveraging Ecosystems to drive AI adoption' 

Another theme that emerged during the day was that while AI adoption continues to accelerate across enterprises, there remains a gap between ambition and execution. Bill Ruh, GE, said that when it comes to AI execution, an AI-first mindset is key and culture trumps technology any day. Forrester’s Mike Gualtieri emphasized the need for enterprises to forge a coherent, pragmatic AI strategy that is tied to business outcomes. He enumerated the foundational analytical and business processes necessary to successfully invest in AI solutions. Panelists from leading organizations like Cognizant, Tech Mahindra, Dell EMC and Microsoft talked about how leveraging ecosystems is key to accelerating AI adoption.

Group + Bill Ruh + Manoj

Attendees at demos on Practical, Scalable, Responsible AI; Manoj Saxena, CognitiveScale, and Bill Ruh, GE & GE Digital, talk about how traditional sectors are embracing AI

The “Women Who Tech” panel was one of the key highlights of the day. Moderated by  CognitiveScale’s General Counsel, Patricia Taggart, the panel comprised of three exceptional women in technology who are transforming the world by breaking new ground in AI: Ashley Casovan from Government of Canada, Trina Van Pelt from Intel Capital, and Kay Firth-Butterfield from the World Economic Forum. The discussion touched upon their journeys in tech and pertinent topics like diversity and fighting unconscious bias in AI.

Cognite 2018Mike Gualtieri, Forrester shares his thoughts on 'What's possible for enterprises today' in AI; 'Women Who Tech' panel deliberates on issues like unconscious bias in tech

Mark Rolston, argodesign, delivered the last keynote with a deep dive into a topic that’s top of mind for everyone: the rapid advancement of AI and how it has awakened an entirely new stage of the human-computer relationship. He elaborated on how the power of AI is changing what it means to interact with machines. 

Cognite 2018Akshaya Bhargava, Bridgeweave demonstrates how AI can help bridge the wealth transfer gap; Mark Rolston, argodesign discusses how AI will change the human experience

Cognite 2018 came to a close with the CognitiveScale team reiterating its commitment to helping one billion people by 2020 through products and partnerships built on a Responsible AI framework and encouraged others to join the movement.

We are thrilled that over the years Cognite has proven to be a forum where business and thought leaders can deliberate over the vast promise and potential of AI. Conversations during Cognite 2018 have only strengthened our conviction that we all are at the forefront of one of the most powerful and game-changing revolutions in human history.

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